Check Your Symptoms for Gum Disease

Gum disease stands as a prevalent chronic inflammatory disorder that impacts the vital tissues upholding both your gums and teeth. The primary instigator of this persistent inflammatory state is dental plaque, a composite layer comprising bacteria, food debris, and saliva adhering to the tooth surfaces. If left unchecked, this plaque can solidify into calculus or tartar, presenting a more formidable challenge for removal through regular brushing and flossing routines.
Preserving optimal dental health and halting the progression of gum disease necessitate the early identification of its telltale indicators. By adopting vigilant oral hygiene practices and promptly addressing the initial signs, you can take decisive measures to safeguard your oral well-being.

The Telltale Clues of Gum Disease

Bleeding Gums

One of the most prevalent early indications of gum disease is bleeding gums, which can happen during brushing, flossing, or even while eating. Blood might be a sign that bacterial inflammation is making the gums more sensitive and irritated.

Persistent Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Chronic bad breath might indicate gum disease even after thoroughly brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Bacteria found in the pockets produced between the gums and teeth are sometimes blamed for the offensive odour.

Gum Recession

When the gum tissue recedes from the teeth over time, the tooth roots become visible. This may cause the teeth to seem longer and make them more sensitive. Gum disease that is progressing is commonly linked to gum recession.

Swollen or Sensitive Gums

Gum disease is distinguished by inflammation. Gums that are red, swollen, or painful to the touch may indicate persistent inflammation brought on by bacterial accumulation and the immune system’s reaction.

Loose Teeth

As gum disease worsens, the infection may threaten the stability of the ligaments and bones that hold the teeth in place. This could damage your bite and general dental function by causing teeth to become loose or to move position.

Changes in Bite

Gum disease can affect how your teeth are aligned, resulting in minute adjustments to your bite. These changes may make chewing uncomfortable and make it challenging to break down food effectively.

Hear From Our Satisfied Patients

I was referred to Dr Leo after 3 dental professionals had somehow missed out on diagnosing my gum problems. He was excellent. Calm, professional, experienced and very good at his job. He immediately found out the problem and worked out a treatment plan and home care strategies. Together they worked and my gum problems have greatly improved. I am very impressed and very grateful. Dr Leo knows his stuff and on the basis of my very positive experience, I highly recommend him. He has very good staff and a happy clinic which is a pleasure to visit
Phyl Lobl
Phyl Lobl
Dr Liu at the Gum and Dental Implant centre has surpassed my expectations by providing expert technique in giving me restored dental health. His work is backed up by a professional team. Phyl Lobl
Abimbola Bello
Abimbola Bello
Very lovely and professional team. Extremely friendly. Dr Liu is a very good doctor and takes time to walk you through what needs to be done. Thanks you
janice dolbel
janice dolbel
I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but Dr Leo is a very kind gentleman, very experienced in his work. His team, Kelvin, Maria and Lexie are great to deal with. The facilities are spotless. Thank you all for making my experience less stressed. Janice Dolbel.
Erica Dunn
Erica Dunn
Excellent gum cleaning experience. Very happy 🙂
Pinky Ng
Pinky Ng
I have been visiting this specialist since grand opening. I am really appreciated their ongoing friendly welcoming, high quality services and professional consultation. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for an outstanding dental specialist! They really doing a great job!
Dr Leo Liu is fantastic! Highly skilled, passionate and caring. This is my first time experiencing gum treatment and it's been amazing. Despite being anxious about dental visits in general, I quickly realised that I was in highly competent hands and the procedure was as pleasant as can be. Should I require further treatment of this type, I will return to Dr Leo

We're Here to Help

We strongly recommend that you promptly reach out to GUM & DENTAL IMPLANT CENTRE upon detecting any of these symptoms. The key to effectively managing gum disease and impeding its advancement lies in its early diagnosis and immediate intervention. Our team is committed to aiding your dental well-being through a comprehensive approach that encompasses evaluating the extent of the condition, prescribing the optimal treatment plan, and providing guidance to enhance your oral hygiene regimen.